19th-c Brit Lit | Page 2

Fall 2012

Description: This course is an advanced undergraduate class devoted to British novels published between the years 1816 (year of the publication of Jane Austen’s Emma) and 1895 (year of the publication of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine). Students will be introduced to an array of theoretical approaches to these texts in order to broaden their perspective […] Read more

Collections of essays

The Regency Revisited

The Regency Revisited demonstrates how politics and culture of the Regency years impacted literature. By co-opting authors, the Regency provoked opposition and brought new genres and modes of writing to the fore. Discussing key figures such as Robert Southey and Leigh Hunt, The Regency Revisited examines the pivotal roles that authors of the Regency had […] Read more


My research focuses on Digital Humanities, 19th-century British Literature (and especially Leigh Hunt), and popular culture. I am the founding director of the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur les humanités numériques (CRIHN) (launched in the fall of 2013). With Marcello VItali-Rosati, I launched an innovative collection entitled “Parcours numériques” in the spring of 2014, which includes […] Read more


Leigh Hunt and the London Literary Scene

Leigh Hunt and the London Literary Scene reassesses Hunt’s substantial contributions to several different genres and to offer an account of their significant impact on audiences during the Romantic period. It analyzes the intricate relationship between Hunt’s literary efforts and his social and political environment, particularly as expressed in contemporary reviews. This book examines the […] Read more