TECHNES Encyclopedia on Cinema Technology as a DH project

The partnership TECHNÈS is aiming to rethink Film Aesthetic and History through the conception of a bilingual Encyclopedia enlightening the fundamental role of the film and media technologies evolutions from late nineteenth century to present time. More specifically, it will make available unpublished archives and resources (patents, 3D digitization and device audiovisual demonstrations), which will be the subject of research during the seven years of the project (SSHRC Partnership, 2015-2022). To this will be added the interviews, which will be carried out with artisans and practitioners of cinematographic techniques. The production and analysis of the interviews and the digitized archives will feed the theoretical reflections carried out by the fifty researchers associated with the project.

This digital Encyclopedia on Cinema Technology is not only conceived as a way to share the results from the studies engaged in Film Aesthetic and History, but also as an end result of the partnership in itself. The conception of the Database is perceived as an applied research about scientific mediation in the Digital Age. It’s also a unique opportunity to think about the current convergence between scientific mediation and Film production through the notion of Database narrative.

The panel will deal with the different aspects of this collaborative research from the creation of a dedicated thesaurus to the integration of the project to the Linked open data, including the epistemological issues related to the creation of an Academic Digital Encyclopedia about Film Aesthetic and History.

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