Repenser les humanités numériques / Thinking Digital Humanities Anew

Durant la semaine mondiale de l’accès libre, le CRIHN fêtera ses cinq ans avec un colloque international sur le thème « Repenser les humanités numériques / Thinking Digital Humanities Anew » sous la direction d’Emmanuel Chateau-Dutier, Enrico Agostini-Marchese, Cecily Raynor et Michael E. Sinatra. Le colloque aura lieu au Carrefour des Arts et des Sciences à l’Université de […] Read more

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(Digital) Byron / (Humanities) Hunt: Revisiting Byron’s Relationship with Hunt through the Use of Digital Humanities Tools

Although based in large part on works previously published, Hunt’s Autobiography is probably the most important work of his later life, and rightly deserves Thomas Carlyle’s praise as being ‘by far the best of the autobiographic kind I remember to have read in the English language’. While a large section of the material included in […] Read more


“Parcours numériques” 2014-2018: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Launched in 2014, the series “Parcours numériques” was an attempt to offer an alternative publishing model that combined print and electronic publishing, as well as promoting open access while still maintaining a range of funding revenues to be economically sustainable. The idea was to think of new ways to have two different yet complimentary versions […] Read more


Leigh Hunt, Rebooted: Textual Editing and Digital humanities

This talk will begin with a discussion of Leigh Hunt’s newspaper The Examiner, Hunt’s most famous publication as editor in the frst two decades of the 19th-century, and the complex politics of authorial revisions and reception history it received in Hunt’s ‘Autobiography’. It will also engage with the challenges in representing online Hunt’s complex set of relationship […] Read more


Ecole d’été “Humanités numériques” 2018

En association avec le Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur les Humanités Numériques, je vais donner la troisième d’été du CÉRIUM sur les humanités numériques du 11 au 16 juin prochain. L’objectif principal reste de familiariser les étudiants avec les humanités numériques dans le domaine des sciences humaines. (Voir le syllabus complet pour plus d’information.) Read more

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From Linear to Open Reading: Adapting “Parcours numeriques” for Scholarly Editions

MLA session “The Function of the Print Scholarly Edition at the Present Time”, organized by the Committee on Scholarly Editions, and chaired by Paul B. Armstrong.   “From linear to open reading: Adapting ‘Parcours numériques’ for Scholarly Editions” Launched in 2014, the series ‘Parcours numériques‘ was an attempt to offer an alternative publishing model that combined print […] Read more