ANG1750 Science-Fiction and Fantasy
Summer 2005


This intensive summer course introduces students to the important literary and cinematic genres of Science Fiction. This survey will begin with Margaret Atwood’s dystopic novel The Handmaid’s Tale, and conclude with a discussion of the 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer and the 2003 film The Matrix Reloaded. Topics to be explored in class around the central theme—visions of the Future—include representations of the body, definitions of the self, race and sexuality, gender identity, and interpretations of the world (the ‘real’ one vs a virtual equivalent). This course will include authors from England, the USA, Japan, and Canada, and materials ranging from novels to films and graphic novels. Five films will be shown as part of this course: Star Wars, Blade Runner, Equilibrium, and The Matrix Reloaded. Examinations will cover both literary texts and films.

Reading and Viewing List (in order)

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