Guest-lecture by Francis Desharnais

Francis Desharnais will deliver today the concluding guest-lecture of the day-long graduate conference of my graduate seminar on Science-Fiction and Fantasy.


9.30am: Welcome

9.45am-11am: Session 1

  • Ariane Chioccarello: “Gothic and Fiction in children’s literature”
  • Ricardo Arthur: “The Hunger Games: Real Identity in Artificial Space”

11am-11.15am: Coffee break

11.15am-12.30pm: Session 2

  • Amal Debbiche: “Human Mechanicals/Mechanical Humans: Theological and Existential Perspectives in Ian Tregillis’ The Mechanical
  • Kate Sheckler: “The Edge of the World: Making Peace with the Unknown in Le Guin”

12.30pm-1.30pm: Lunch break

1.30pm-2.45pm: Session 3

  • Marie Levesque: “Destabilizing Blood Drinking: Gender Performativity and Vampiric Hybridity in Octavia E. Butler’s Fledgling
  • Cindy Chrisafoudis: “Seeking Beyond the Veil: The Concept of Truth in Samuel Delany’s Flight from Nevèrÿon”

2.45pm-3pm: Coffee break

3pm-4.15pm: Session4

  • Antoine Marcotte: “Shatnered Illusions: Star TrekRedshirts and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief”
  • Roberta D’souza: “Telegraphic Dispatches: Conducting Experiences of Pain in Ian Tregillis’ The Mechanical

4.15pm-4.30pm: Coffee break

4.30pm-5.30pm: Guest-Lecture

  • Francis Desharnais: “La guerre des arts will not take place: Thoughts on Alternative Quebecois SF”


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